Introducing NSW AMEP Senate Candidate, Robert Bryden.

Rob is a well known and highly successful personal injury lawyer who after 30 years and some 32,000 cases exited his specialist legal business.  This has allowed him to follow his passion and immerse himself in areas of policy, protecting Australians, cars, motor cycles, and sports and the rights of others.

As a very experienced and successful Personal Injury Lawyer, Rob regularly saw firsthand the devastating effects motor vehicles accidents have on lives. His work involved investigating the actual causes of these car, bike and heavy vehicle accidents and it became clear to him that the ‘’speed’’ mantra relentlessly pushed by the Academics and Governments was plain wrong and totally focused on revenue raising rather than the real causes of accidents; badly designed roads, poorly trained drivers and drivers distracted by mobile phones and other things, taking their minds off the vital task they are doing.

Rob’s commitment to the NSW people will bring commonsense and experience to the arena, qualities that the political major parties lack.  These areas include:-

  • Negative Gearing
  • Marriage Equality / Equal Marriage rights
  • Environment, Infrastucture and Fuel Levies
  • Road Safety
  • Sensible National Standards for motor cycles and motor vehicle modifications
  • A renewed Automotive industry in Australia

Rob developed a Road Safety Policy which was largely adopted by the current NSW Government and Roads Minister.

This directly resulted in the introduction of the Safer Learners Drivers Course in NSW, a course designed to train young drivers about Risk Identification and Risk Avoidance; vital considering the massive over representation of P-Plate drivers in accident statistics.

The Policy recommendations also resulted in the removal of over 30 Fixed Speed Cameras from NSW roads, ones that could not be shown to make any difference to accidents in the particular area and therefore only raising revenue.

Policy development is a special area of interest and Rob has been recently advising as to responses to the Productivity Commission Report into the future of the Motor Industry and as to the current Governments review of the Motor Vehicle Standards Act [ Australian Design Rules ] which Rules seem to largely serve to prevent Specialist and Enthusiast Vehicles achieving compliance, making them, in reality, virtually unavailable to local car enthusiasts.

They also prevent the development of an Australian small-medium based specialist car industry as exists in the UK employing tens of thousands of people and generating massive export earnings for the UK.

Robert has investigated, advised and provided very simple and sensible answers to these issues, involving simple adoption of the existing common sense UK Rules, removing heavy layers of red tape and making specialist and enthusiast vehicles available in Australia cheaply and easily at long last.

He is interested in all areas of two and four wheeled motor sport, from F1 to Drags , Track , Street and Show. As a partner in a successful motor industry business specialising in sales, service and upgrades of sports cars and particularly of Lotus, he understands the difficulties faced by the owners of high performance/ modified  cars and bikes with achieving compliance and being singled out in traffic.

If elected, Robert will be pursuing development of a Unified National Modification Scheme aiming to allow sensible upgrades both mechanically and aesthetically to enthusiast two and four wheeled rides as well as taking steps towards a thorough review of present Road Safety attitudes and of the money flow between Academics who invariably recommend a revenue raising approach and the Governments who want such recommendations made to justify their speed traps.

Robert is a long time and passionate racing sailor having represented Australia at World Championship level, a keen snow skier and of course a true car enthusiast with a dedicated track day car [2000 Lotus Exige with K24A drive train ] , a show car [ 1997 Lotus Elise with paint by Custom Body Works ]  and a 1974 Lotus 7 restoration project underway for Historic Events. He has previously had cars as diverse as a heavily modified 2.3 litre Evo 9 and a Dodge Viper.

He is a member of the Motoring Advisory Council, a peak body set up to advise as to motoring and motor cycle related policy, the Australian Racing Drivers Club , Confederation of Australian Motor Sports , Club Lotus Australia , Historic Sports & Racing Car Association , Royal Australian Naval sailing Association , Georges River Sailing Club, the Boat Owners Association and The Law Society of NSW.

Ricky and Rob