Core Values

Being aligned with the AMEP and being independent from the main Politcal Parties means that I cannot, and will not, be swayed by Party Politics and will always act in the best interests of the Australian public.

How I will be voting in the Senate:

  • I am committed to the people of Australia with equality and justice for all before the law, irrespective of race, religion or sexuality.
  • Ensuring that we reduce costs and increase efficiencies within Government, creating “Hand-Up” opportunities for people not “Hand-Outs”.
  • I believe in free speech, democracy, have faith in “Mateship” and community and believe that any level of Government, myself included, are servants of the Australian people and should always act for them and them alone.

We live in a beautiful multi-cultural society and I believe that this is the foundation of modern Australia. We deserve the best education for all, irrespective of wealth or location and need maintain National Security and focus on our immediate region foreign policy.

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