Dear fellow NSW voters,

I have put my hand up to seek your vote in the coming senate election in a political atmosphere dominated by the big parties, by big unions, big business and inner city elites.

As an AMEP Senator I will fight for better and safer roads, better public transport, improved productivity by reducing congestion, will fight to take the politics out of marriage equality and allow the people to decide on this important social issue. This decision is one of many that should be above politics.

In the Senate, the White Voting paper, I urge you to vote for 6 minor parties above the line, with your first preference for the commonsense and centrist policies of AMEP – do not waste your vote with the major parties

There is a change of Prime Minister every 5 minutes, there is a flip flop of policy based on opinion polls, not based on what is right for our country. The major parties have let Australia down. Recently, Malcolm Turnbull changed the voting laws in connivance with the Greens in an attempt to forever prevent the real people representing small parties from ever being elected again. This stops real people from having a voice.

We need to fight back.

If we don’t all vote for the minor groups, the future of Australian politics will only ever involve two parties only – a Labor-Green coalition and a Liberal-National coalition. No independent voices will ever be heard in Parliament again. This is exactly what the major parties want.

We need small government, less rules and regulations and an atmosphere that encourages investment and growth in the vital small to medium business sector.

I will oppose the abolishment of negative gearing. No one seems to remember that Labor tried that in 1985. It was a disaster, caused massive fall out in the property market and big falls in the value of Australian home owners properties. Do you want your property to lose value overnight again? It was such a bad decision, it was reversed two years later by the same party, Labor. Let’s not let a major party repeat the same mistake again.

At the end of the day, I am an Australian citizen, normal guy with family and grandchildren, have worked hard all my life, been fortunate enough to be successful in business through hard work, integrity and caring about my fellow community.

I am proud to have won an Equal Opportunity Employment Award when running my law firm and believe all Australians from whatever background can work together and have an independent and sensible voice in Canberra, that has no hidden agenda and will decide each issue before the Senate based on what’s best for our country, not what faceless backroom people dictate.

I urge you to vote Rob Bryden, AMEP, NSW for Senate. I listen, I hear and I am a voice for you.


We need your help

 Help Us Get Across The Line on July 2nd 2016