My Policies

  1. Rebuilding the Motor Vehicle Industry
    • Abolishing the Australian Design Rules and replacing them with the best of the overseas regulations, simplifying compliance and saving consumers money.
    • Adopting simple and proven effective regulations from the UK to allow easy and inexpensive compliance in the specialist and enthusiast vehicle and motorcycle space.
    • Directing the regulator to become a “can do” organization rather than a “cannot do”, allowing business and employment growth
  2. Road Safety
    • Adopting a national commonsense approach to road safety issues
    • Acknowledging the real causes of road accidents and injury are fatigue, driver distraction, dangerous roads and poor driver training – not “speed”.
    • Exposing nationally the money flow from innocent motorists to state governments via hidden speed traps as revenue raising unrelated to road safety
    • Taking the highly successful NSW Learner Driver Course nationally.
    • Introducing improved driver training and proper facilties to reduce accidents and injury.
    • A national motorcycle and bicycle awareness campaign encouraging drivers to be aware of less visible road users.
    • The designing of roads to eliminate black spots with a national blackspot identification and rectification scheme.
  3. Uniform Regulations
    • Introduction of a National Standard allowing modifications and improvements to cars and motorcycles based on commonsense not over regulation.
    • Introduction of a National Standard for motorcycles – eg. Allow tinted visors during daylight in all states, allow modification to exhausts so cars can hear you when they do not see you.
    • Uniform speed camera laws prohibiting them from being hidden to raise revenue. All cameras must be used visibly and at proven high accident sites.
  4. Marriage Equality
    • Raise this important social issue above politics, where it deserves to be.
    • Trust the Australian people, not politicians, to make an informed and just decision after hearing the debate.
    • The expense of a public decision is worth it to raise the issue above politics and bring a unified decision that will be accepted by all.
  5. Negative Gearing
    • Highlight the disaster in property markets which followed the abolition of negative gearing in 1985 which led to its re-introduction by the same major party less than 2 years later
    • Commonsense says don’t make the same mistake twice.
    • Reject the devise “policies of envy’ surrounding this proposal and let all Australians retain one of the last opportunities to build a nest egg for their retirement and for their family.
  6. Superannuation
    • AMEP core values support the individual and freedom of accountability and self responsibility. No better example of an Australian empowering themselves exists than in the superannuation arena, where people do their best to work hard over their lifetime and save up and invest for their self funded retirement, not relying on the taxpayers teat.
    • Australians make this decision based on a set of rules that were put in place by Canberra.
    • Superannuation rules are just that. A referee cannot change the rules half way through a game of AFL or Rugby League. Players pay by the rules they sign up for. Australians have made investment decisions to allow a self funded retirement based on the rules.
    • It is against AMEP core principles to move the goalposts part way through a game. Leave Superannuation alone, and let Australians get on with providing for their retirement without Politicians putting their hands in to steal the orange slices.
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