Hi, I’m Rob Bryden and I’m running for the 2016 NSW Senate. I’m passionate about raising issues that are important for Motoring Enthusiasts in Australia, and I hope that with your help I can make real change.

The reason I’m so dedicated to the Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party is because the issues that we aspire to raise in Senate are having real effects not only on motoring enthusiasts, but business owners too.

A lot of these issues stem from Australian Design Rules (ADRs), which determine what Australian motor enthusiasts can and cannot buy, register and drive on Aussie roads.

Not only this, but car enthusiasts are sick of being vilified and negatively labelled by the media. We are not ‘hoons’, we are people who are dedicated to the Motor Vehicle industry, who love and take pride in motor vehicles and want our concerns to be heard.

Ultimately, what all car enthusiasts want is to be able to drive and enjoy their vehicles responsibly, safely and legally. If I get elected for NSW Senate, it will be my goal to ensure I raise the issues I have outlined above so that all motor enthusiasts are better off on the road and can get their voices heard in parliament. I urge you to support me in the 2016 election so that, in turn, I can support you too!
And lastly, a little something for all the enthusiasts out there…